Mather LifeWays Grandparent Program Chosen as National Model

In February 2011, Mather LifeWays was one of six non-profits to receive a grant from the National Council on Aging (NCOA) to promote a volunteer-driven education program. The program, developed by Mather LifeWays in tandem with Chicago’s GRANDFamilies Program, brings older adult volunteers together with grandparents who are parenting their grandchildren. These volunteers lead peer education classes on parenting and coping skills, providing a much-needed service to the increasing number of grandparents who take on parenting roles. It also provides an opportunity for participants to develop as teachers and leaders.


These select programs were chosen for being effective, sustainable, and having a demonstrated impact, and are receiving supplementary funds from NCOA to replicate their models in other communities around the country.


National Council on Aging: Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

National Council on Aging: Mather LifeWays Project Profile

GRANDFamilies Program of Chicago

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