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Add your voice to future research that will explore people’s influences, behaviors, and attitudes. Join the Mather Institute Research Panel. This panel, made up of members from across the United States, will serve as the foundation for future Institute studies on wellness and aging well topics.

Participation Is Easy

As a member of the panel, you’ll receive invitations to participate in several surveys a year, contributing your insights and experiences on such topics as

  • positive aging
  • resilience
  • motivators of healthy behaviors
  • and more

Each survey will be online and is estimated to take 10 to 30 minutes to complete. And when you participate in a survey, you’ll receive a summary of the research findings when they become available.

For more information, email:
Ajla Basic
Project Coordinator

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To join the Mather Institute Research Panel, simply complete a demographic online survey here. Your answers on this initial survey will be used for future research in which you participate.

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Please note that Mather Institute takes personal privacy very seriously. The information you provide here will not be shared, and you will never be identified in any study findings. The Mather Institute Research Panel will be comprised of individuals age 18+.