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How News Websites Convey Cognition & Aging Issues
, Cognitive Health, Electronic Health (e-Health)

Online news media significantly influences the public’s understanding of aging. This is particularly true of the cognitive aspects of aging, as over half of Americans…

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The Go4Life Campaign: Encouraging Daily Physical Activity
, Health & Wellness

The health benefits of daily physical activity are well-established, however, less than a quarter of older adults in the US regularly engage in it. For…

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Neighborhood Walkability, Income and Physical Activity
, Aging & Social Factors, Aging & Wellness, Social/Environmental/Economic Determinants of Health

Low physical activity is a risk factor for a variety of functional impairments and health problems. Older adults are at particular risk for physical inactivity…

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Seniors Housing & Care Journal Call for Papers
, Seniors Housing and Care Journal

Seniors Housing & Care Journal is accepting submissions for its September 2012 issue. The Journal is a peer-reviewed, academic journal that disseminates empirically based research…

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Neighborhood Walkability, Income, & Physical Activity
, Neighborhood Context & Health

Numerous studies show that physical inactivity causes a variety of health problems, and older adults are particularly at risk. Literature has recently emerged regarding the…

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Cognitive Well-Being: More Than “Brain Fitness”
, Cognitive Health, Health & Wellness

Countless technological “brain fitness” programs promise (or hint at promising) improved cognitive performance in the face of dementia. A recent article in The Gerontologist argues…

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Increase Visibility & Reach in Your Community with Café Plus
, Uncategorized

The Café Plus concept is modeled after Mather’s—More Than a Café, a successful Mather LifeWays community initiative. Implementing the concept is a proven way to…

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Hearing Aids: Who’s Using Them?
, Technology

Multiple studies have shown that hearing loss has a variety of negative effects. Hearing impairment contributes to a range of social and functional limitations, and…

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The Choice to Adopt Monitoring Technology
, Technology

To support the health and independence of older adults, scientists and engineers have recently developed some new and promising technologies, including in-home systems that remotely…

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Costs of Informal Caregiving
, Caregiving, Operational Resources, Senior Housing

A recent health policy brief from the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research has culled noteworthy data regarding informal caregivers from the 2009 California Health…

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Using YouTube for Reminiscence Therapy (RT)
, Caregiving, Electronic Health (e-Health)

Reminiscence Therapy (RT) is a popular psychosocial intervention used with dementia patients enacted in a group setting. RT involves discussion of past experiences, often facilitated…

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Aging & Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
, Cognitive Health, General Aging Research

Over the past few decades, autism and autism spectrum disorders (ASD) have drawn much attention in medical and social science literature. However, there is still…

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